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Common Issues with Garage Doors in Tucson

How do I open my garage door without power?
Locate the emergency release cord on your garage door opener. Before you pull the emergency release cord be sure no one is underneath the open garage door. Locate the springs to make sure they are not broken. If no spring is broken, pull on the emergency release cord. Some garage door openers you pull down, or back towards the garage door opener. When you have pulled the emergency release you can now operate the door manually. To re-engage you must pull towards the door (Liftmaster, Chamberlain, or Craftsman) and move the door till it engages to the trolley. For Genie Screw drives to operate manually you pull down, to re- engage you pull towards the opener till it clicks. If you need further assistance please call for further assistance.
How do I program my garage door opener?
To program a remote, first you must locate the LEARN button on you garage door opener. Be sure to have the remote on hand. Make sure the remote you are programming is compatible with your garage door opener. For a Liftmaster, Craftsman, or Chamberlain the LEARN button should be located on either the side of the garage door opener or the backside. On some openers you may have to remove the light cover. Genies typically are on the frontside of the opener but may be also located on the bottom if it’s a new Genie. Once you have located the LEARN button, push and let go of it. You now have 30 seconds to push the button on the remote you wish to program. On Liftmaster, Chamberlains, and Craftsman the opener will flash twice indicating the remote was paired with the opener. For Genies, when you push the LEARN button you will have a red light or a LED light flash once per second. When you push the button on your remote the red light or LED light will stay on steady. Once it does that you push the button on the remote again to finalize the sync process. Then push the button on the remote a third time to activate the opener. If you have any questions please feel free to contact J & J Superior Garage Door Service Inc.
Why won’t my garage remote work?
There are a few reasons why your remote won’t operate your garage door opener. First try replacing the battery on your remote. Make sure you have the proper battery. You must open the remote casing in order to access the battery. If it still does not operate the garage door you could either have a bad remote or a bad logic board. A bad logic board can be replaced and is usually recommended on opener older than 10 years. Call a professional for further diagnostics.
How do I program my car to open my garage door?
This depends on your vehicle. If your vehicle has Homelink, (check your vehicles owners manual to see if your vehicle is equipped with Homelink) you may be able to program opener. Read your vehicle’s owners manual, as most vehicles are programed differently. For newer Liftmaster, Chamberlain, or Craftsman openers, (Yellow Learn button or MyQ compatible openers) you may need a Homelink repeater if your vehicle is older than 2010. If you are having trouble programming your vehicle please call for further assistance.
My garage door opener stopped working.
There can be many reasons why your opener stopped working. First check to make sure you have power in the outlet where the opener is plugged in. If you have power and your openers still does not work you may have a bad logic board. Call for further diagnostics. We have trained technicians to diagnose any issues with your garage door opener.
Why is my chain or belt on my garage door opener sagging?
Your chain or belt may need to be adjusted or tightened. Check the gear on your garage door opener. If your chain or belt has started to sag more and more, check your gear to see if there is any wear and tear. The most common reason why your chain or belt is angling lower than usual is due to a bad gear. Call For further diagnostics. Most gear assemblies on openers can be replaced.
Why won’t my garage door close? What does it mean when the lights on the opener flash when attempting to close and immediately reopens on its own?
Your garage door may not be closing due to a few issues. If your garage door moves then opens back up and the lights flash that is an indication that something is in the way of the sensors, blocking it or the sensors are out of alignment. Check your garage door sensors to make sure nothing is in the way. Next, be sure to align your garage door sensors. To know if it is the sensors the opener will flash 10 times. Be sure to count flashes to help diagnose the issue. For newer Liftmaster, Chamberlain, or Craftsman openers you will have an orange light on one sensor and a green on the other. Your orange sensor is the sending unit and the green is the receiving unit. Make sure your green light is on solid. It should not be off or blinking. If it is off or blinking you must properly align your sensors until you get a solid green light. If you cannot get sensors to work, push and hold wall button until door closes to secure your garage door down and call a professional. Refer to your owner’s manual as some garage door openers are different.
Why won’t my garage door open?
There are several reasons your garage door doesn’t open. The main reason could be that the spring is broken. If you try to open with your garage door using your opener and it only opens 6 inches to a foot that is a good indication you have a broken spring. To know if your spring is broken you look above the garage door in the center and see if your spring is broken in half. Another reason why it won’t open is because your opener has detected a force on the way up and has stopped the opener from operating so that it doesn’t cause further damage to the door and opener itself. If you are having issues opening your garage door, it is always best to call a professional.
Why does my garage door reopen when trying to close but lights don’t flash?
When your door is in motion to close, stops and reopens without flashing lights it is a good indication you are experiencing a force issue on the way down. Most garage door openers have this safety feature. If you are experiencing this issue call us, as our technician is highly experience to diagnose and correct the issue.
What does it mean when my garage door opener only moves a few inches and then stops?
If your Liftmaster, Chamberlain, or Craftsman opener moves 4- 6 inch’s then stops and blinks 5 times, that is an issue with your RPM sensor in the opener. If it is your RPM sensor, it is highly recommended to call a professional. We only carry OEM parts to ensure that we fix the problem. Call today to have your garage door serviced to ensure all safety features are operating as designed.
What are the benefits of having a Liftmaster garage door opener with Wi-Fi?
As technology is advancing everyone is wanting the sense of security and capabilities to open their garage door using a smart phone. 1. Liftmaster has integrated WiFi into its garage door openers to give you access from anywhere. 2. WiFi accessible opener also provides security by giving you alerts when your garage door is opening and closing. Download the app on your IOS device or Android to have access to your garage door anytime, anywhere. Accessories are available to make your garage door accessible via smart phone, tablet, and laptop. Not all garage door openers are compatible. Call today to see what we can do to give access to your garage door using your smart phone.
My garage door is making a lot of noise when moving.
Your garage door has a lot of moving parts. A garage door opens and closes an average of 4-6 times a day. That is a lot of use and in time the parts that are in motion when opening and closing they will start to dry up. Your bearings, hinges, and rollers are typically the main cause of noise as well as springs. When your door is noisy it is time for a tune up. Usually simply replacing rollers and lubricating your garage door will make it quiet. Sometimes it is important to have your bearings replaced as the bearings carry all the load of your garage door. Most garage doors weight 165-225 lbs. It is crucial to have your garage door inspected and serviced once a year by a professional. Rule of thumb is if your garage door is making a lot of noise it is because something is in need of attention. Call us and see what it will take to get your garage door running better.
How often should I have my garage door serviced?
It is recommended that you have your garage door serviced and inspected once a year. Every 6 months you can lubricate your garage door to keep all moving parts lubricated. Metal to metal moving parts should always be lubricated. We recommend silicone with petroleum spray. Also when your garage door starts making noise that is questionable then it is time to have a professional take a look at your garage door. Our technician is highly qualified to service and inspect your garage door to make sure nothing is wrong to avoid costly repairs in the future. You will receive a detailed inspection sheet with only necessary service recommendations. Call to make an appointment today to have your garage door serviced and inspected. We take pride in the work we do to ensure our customers are satisfied.
Why is my garage door uneven?
There are many reasons why this would happen. First it could be that your cables are bad. If your cable is frayed this could cause in imbalance as the cable is stretched on one side. Second, it could be that your garage door floor is not leveled. The ground can shift causing your foundation to lift or slump down. If this is the case we may have a solution for the gaps that are at the bottom of your door when closed. Third, Your drum or pulley has slipped causing your door to become unbalanced. When this happens you must call a professional to have the issue corrected and have your door leveled. Never try to fix this issue yourself, as dealing with springs can be dangerous without proper knowledge and tools. Fourth, it is possible that your door was not leveled when installed. When a garage door is not leveled it will not run properly and can cause damage to your door and opener. Our technician is highly qualified to check the balance and level of your garage door using laser level. Laser level is the best way to check if you garage door is properly leveled. If you are experiencing any of these issues it is always best to call a professional. At J & J Superior Garage Door Service Inc., we dedicate ourselves to providing the best customer service. We use only high- quality parts to make sure you get the most of what we have to offer. We carry OEM parts for garage door openers, and never sell any used parts. Call us anytime if you have any questions. We have a live person answering the phones to answer all your questions. Let J & J Superior Garage Door Service Inc. take care of all your garage door needs.

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